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Monarch Butterfly Services

Monarch Butterfly Services

Monarch Butterfly Services
Your own care agency created for you by Christine.

Monarch Services provides the perfect solution to those who are busy working a full time job. You may be struggling to find the time to set up your own recruitment/ care agency; this is done in four stages.

Stage One: The Egg

The creation of the business and the initial steps toward becoming your own boss. Whilst you are still working in your job. I will be conducting all of the action required to set up your business, such as legal documents, business administration, market research, business development, creating business cards, website development, business plan, letterheads, and policies.

Stage Two: The Caterpillar

In Stage Two, I will assess the market place and development of the business. This involves taking on candidates, calling potential clients, registering candidates for interviews, creating a database for your own care agency and growing your business to enable you to step in and start to take over.

Stage Three: The Chrysalis

At this stage, the business is set up and the only task remaining is to prepare you to take over. I call this the “Chrysalis Phase” This is where you come in and take over from me and attend a week boot camp one on one with me. This will ensure you are up to speed ready to take flight, once you have transformed into the business owner.

Stage Four: The Adult Butterfly

You will be ready to take over and run your newly formed care recruitment agency. This is when you will be free and empowered to stand out by working and owning your business, giving you freedom to live your life, spending your time with loved ones. You will be able to run your very own care recruitment agency and keep increasing and developing your business. I will also be around to call for support when needed.

Consultancy services are available at an additional fee, working with you by paying in instalments a retaining fee...

  • Where they are the strongest and can be strengthened even more so they can maintain and even capitalize on their position the marketplace, how they stand out from the competition and how they could do that even better or more effectively, etc.
  • Creating and developing strategies, systems and solutions that they can use to take advantage of the gaps that you've found that exist between what the market wants, needs, and is looking for and what is being delivered by their company and by their competitors.
  • Helping them implement the systems that you’ve developed for them so they can get up and running right away and begin pulling in money that they are either leaving on the table, or that their competitors are getting.
  • Monitoring the systems you have in place so they will run as effectively and as efficiently and as profitably as possible, and making tweets that will improve their performance and the results they generate.
  • Positioning their business as the 'go-to' business… not just the 'best' business for their clients and prospective clients to buy from, but in fact, the 'only' business that they should consider
  • If you were to hire an employee for £2,000 per month, they would likely get something along the lines of a care manager, care co-ordinator, administrator, clerk, or some other non-revenue producing employee. These are important positions, to be sure, but they are NON income generators. They are “costs” or “expenses” to the business, and for the most part, revenue increases cannot be directly tied to them or to the jobs they do.
  • A business development manager will look to increase you revenue, however this is limited to that and nothing else. They are hidden costs like employee taxes, national insurance, holidays etc.
  • A typical salesperson will use the sales system that your company has already in place as-is, with no improvement or modification, and depend on that system to help them generate sales. I, on the other hand, will be looking for ways to help increase the effectiveness and productivity of the systems I put in place, and in fact, will be developing new systems that you can use that will produce even better results for them and all the other salespeople.
  • Social Media developing an online campaign through social media. Help you to build your online social media presence. Products and services you sell, setting facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, areas you cover, setting up industry keywords.

Experts Social Media & SEO Package

Includes the following:

  • We will set up your Google Analytics tracker
  • We will give you a monthly overview of all the activity (monthly report)
  • After 6 months we will give you a website audit and discuss with you the improvements/work that needs doing.
  • We set up your accounts for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin & Google+
  • Discounted web design packages

Twitter = Followers:

Target audience
Up to 5 tweets a day
Participate in relevant group times i.e. #LeedsHour is 7-8pm on a Tuesday
Post relevant stories after we have done the research
Link to groups

Facebook = Company page and 'likes':

Create a business page
Heavy company branding
Start liking businesses in your target area
Post relevant stories after we have done the research
Liaise with you to create an “About Us” page
Start collecting likes from relevant people/businesses

Linkedin = Business page:

We recommend you do a personal one
We will create you a business page
Link your business page to your personal one
Post relevant stories after we have done the research
Build your followers
Follow groups
Interact with people in the same groups

This is included initially in the price for Monarch Services. Then after 4 months it is a further charge of £50.00 per month. For other products we charge £50.00 a month.

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We are always delighted to answer any questions about our products and services. So why not call us on 01903 202658 or email us to find out more about Metamorphosis...? We look forward to hearing from you!

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Customer Comments

"Thank you for the wonderful gifts! You are such a wonderful lady and indeed generous. All the presenters were amazing. I am looking forward to attending that boot camp next month. Honestly, I cannot wait to bring my dreams into reality! Thanks once again! "
Ruth, Wembley, London

"I am so happy... I can't thank you enough!"
Barbara, Greater Manchester

"Before buying the DVD system, I was quite anxious. This is because I didn’t know what was on offer. After going through everything, I feel excited. It’s worth every penny and I would recommend it to anyone".
Karen, Wolverhampton

"My ideas on how to start the business were all over the place, but after getting the system, I have direction and clarity on what I need to do. After completing the system in three months, we have our first contract and we are filling shifts for care homes".
David, Slough

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Latest News Items

Christine Blackledge supports AquAid Africa!

August 2017: Christine Blackledge and Metamorphosis are proud to support AquAid Africa, a charity helping people from from Liberia to Zimbabwe to get access to clean drinking water.

Our Water Coolers are from AquAid

Christine Blackledge supports AquAid Africa; helping people to get access to clean drinking water.

Christine Blackledge supports AquAid Africa; helping people to get access to clean drinking water.

Christine Blackledge shares stage with entrepreneurial speaker Anthony Robbins!

July 2017: Christine Blackledge shared the stage with life coach and entrepreneurial speaker Anthony Robbins (pictured) and specialist public-speaking coach Andy Harrington.

Christine Blackledge shares the stage with Anthony Robbins (entrepreneurial speaker)

Christine Blackledge gets Richard Branson's entrepreneurial thumbs up!

January 2017: Metamorphosis founder Christine Blackledge is also a Richard Branson Centre Strategic Coach.

Metamorphosis Founder Christine Blackledge is also a Richard Branson Centre Strategic Coach

Metamorphosis Video News

November 2015: Metamorphosis Director, Christine Blackledge appears on Latest TV's 'Brighton Lights'.

Metamorphosis Launches New Website!

November 2015: Metamorphosis are very proud to announce the launch of a brand-new website at Built to display seamlessly on both desktop computers and mobile devices, the website will be a major element of our business strategy over the next five years...

Metamorphosis Launches Facebook Page!

October 2015: Metamorphosis launches its Facebook Business Page. We will use Facebook to encourage our customers and other interested parties to engage in regular conversations with us. And yes, we really do want you to join in ..!

Metamorphosis Launches on Twitter!

October 2015: Metamorphosis now 'tweets' regularly from our new Twitter page. Twitter lets you 'follow' us so you can see all our latest news directly and instantly to your mobile 'phone...

Latest Tweets from Metamorphosis!


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