A few words about us

About Christine Blackledge, CEO

As a mother of four, as a law student and as a business woman specializing in the care recruitment sector, Matriarch Training & Consultancy Services director Christine Blackledge is known and admired nationally as something of a 'mumpreneur'. Christine is also known as a 'transformational trainer'; specializing in training people in how to set up their own nursing agencies, and thus going on to 'transform' their working lives.

Christine's experience includes running several highly successful businesses in procurement, law and marketing. She opened her NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) training school in 2001, training staff in domiciliary home care. She also has over twenty years' experience in the nursing-care agency market; where she tendered for numerous large-scale contracts and provided thousands of trained medical staff to the NHS and county councils. She is also a specialist in procurement-supply contract tendering.

Christine wants to help you start your own recruitment nursing-care agency. Her unique teaching methods and wide experience will give you all the tools you'll need to secure public sector contracts for yourself. If you choose to take advantage of Christine's many and regular seminars, webinars, as well as her DVDs, training tools and books, you'll have everything you need to run a successful nursing agency and transform your working life.

Mission Statement for Matriarch Training & Consultancy Services

My life purpose is to empower individuals to start a nursing agency. I want to help people nationally and internationally to believe in themselves and become an entrepreneur. This is done via very affordable training programs, saving SMEs thousands of pounds on otherwise time-wasting strategies. We empower people through my live training courses, home study courses, books, one-to-one coaching, DVDs, training workshops, introductions, one day events, online courses, a training app and tele-seminars.

After spending over twenty years without the support of a mentor, and with no-one else to turn to, I knew I needed help with setting up and running care businesses. This is why I created Matriarch Training & Consultancy Services Care Business Systems so you would not have to undergo the same experience. I would like to see everyone living their highest vision, more time with family, loved ones and friends. I want to be of service to 40,000 people in the UK, who have decided to start a nursing care agency. My vision is to help people really live their passion, by;

  • Creating an affordable training programme accessible to all
  • Providing an online accreditation training course
  • Providing a training app for mobile phones
  • Providing online video courses
  • Providing online resources
  • Providing care business strategies
  • Speaking to large groups of people who all share the same vision
  • Setting up mother and baby units across the UK for women who have suffered from physical or emotional abuse
  • Helping charities across the United Kingdom and internationally
  • Assisting BME communities, who wish to start a care business and don't know where to start

My ultimate goal is to help nursing agency startup organisations and care businesses to understand the aims and objectives of starting up, and to complete this vision by 2025.

Starting a nursing agency

To set up and run a nursing agency in the UK you do not need to be a nurse or come from a medical background. The three main criteria for success are; your desire to be your own boss; having a compassion for patients; and having a clear understanding of the services you will be providing. And there is an undoubted need for this particular service because of the demand for nursing-care agency staff to residential nursing homes and NHS hospitals.


Why is there such demand for nursing staff?

In the UK, we have an ageing population, which has resulted in inadequate staffing levels for many hospitals and care homes. Most of us are living longer, yet often with long-term medical conditions and disabilities, resulting in an ever-greater need for care homes. As the NHS struggles to meet the increased demand on its services, often with less money than it has had in the past, this has resulted in shortened lengths of stay and bed capacity, which in turn is leading to more and more people being looked after in care homes, often leading to residents entering care homes with more complex needs than ever before.

It is therefore ever more important for care providers to provide the highest quality of care. To succeed in their businesses, providers need to meet the needs of the home, and ensure that residents are well cared for. Thus, a nursing agency really is becoming an essential service in its own right. There will be an increasing need to provide staff for hospitals, residential homes, nursing homes and other health organizations in order to fill the various temporary or permanent healthcare support, care assistance and nursing roles. This makes starting a nursing agency quite a lucrative business opportunity.

Licensing a nursing agency

As far as placing staff in nursing and residential homes or hospitals in England is concerned, you do not need a license in the UK to operate your nursing agency. But if you intend to provide domiciliary care in individual homes you will need to apply for registration with the Care Quality Commission.


Care staff will need to be trained, or have relevant training. For example, the Care Certificate provides a framework for good practice; for induction of staff across health and in social care settings. The Care Certificate underwent an independent review in February 2013. Known as The Cavendish Review, it was proposed that all health care assistants and social care support staff undergo the same basic training that already exists in the system, based on latest best practice.

Health Education England (HEE), Skills for Care (SFC) and Skills for Health (SFH) have developed the Care Certificate which contains fifteen separate standards and outlines for health and social care workers - including assistants within hospitals, care homes and people's own homes. The all need to know about, and be able to deliver thoses standards of care in their daily jobs.

Nursing revalidation

Nursing Care Management (NMC) revalidation will be the way in which nurses and midwives demonstrate to the NMC that they continue to practice safely and effectively, and can remain on the register. In order to revalidate, nurses will have to declare to the NMC that they are meeting the standards of the revised NMC code, receive confirmation that it is true, and be able to offer evidence which shows how this has been achieved.

Two Types of Agency Business?

There are two types of agency business to consider;

  1. An employment agency that introduces work-seekers to a customer for employment by the customer
  2. An employment business that hires work-seekers for supervision by the customer, but not actual employment

When people talk about ‘agency workers’ or ‘temps’, they are typically talking about work-seekers who are hired from an employment business.

Earning Potential Starting a Nursing Agency

Your nursing agency start-up will be providing staff to health care organizations;

  • Support workers
  • Care assistants
  • Healthcare assistants
  • Registered General Nurses (RGN)
  • Specialist nurses
  • Nurse professionals
  • Other healthcare staff

Permanent Staffing

Clients pay you a percentage of annual salary of the staff members you have placed within the organization. For example: 20% of commission of the annual salary of £30,000, you commission would be £6,000. So imagine placing four a month plus your commission would be £24,000 a month.

Temporary Staffing

This is placing staff into residential homes, nursing homes or other health organizations on an ad hoc basis, as and when required, in order to fill a short term staff shortage to cover staff sickness, holidays, etc... So just imagine you have ten agency workers available from your data week, in a week, then they work thirty hours a week. This is based on them working daily. This would provide with a regular monthly income of say £5,000+ a week profit, depending on staff being placed and percentages.


We are always delighted to answer any questions about our products and services.