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Maximize your ROI on property investments from day one!

Are you looking to start or grow your property portfolio with the best return possible? The popularity of investment in the private rented sector continues to grow with Knight and Frank reporting that investment in areas such as buy-to-let topped £12.7bn last year. if so, you probably have many questions; for exmaple, with the increasing competitiveness of the market, how does oneguarantee a return that keeps ahead of the competition?

New findings from investment experts MSCI show that the UK care sector offers the best rental returns of any property asset class in the past 12 months. Making investments in UK care-sector estates have been shown to yield higher returns than other property types, with typical returns reaching 7.9%, far surpassing other classifications. But many investors fail to benefit from such opportunities because they feel that entering the care sector property market is a high-risk venture.

Get the best advice at our Property Investment Summit!

Our one-day Property Investment Summit is designed to dispel those myths and give new and existing investors insight to the opportunities available that the care sector has opened up. You will hear first-hand experience from the past twenty years of investing in care homes, supported living and children’s homes, where I have regularly generated 5x more profit than my other rental properties. With increasingly tighter tax implications, and regulation around HMOs, this seminar is designed for property investors looking for new and exciting options of financial security.

Here is what you'll learn:

  • A proven formula for success that I have been using for over 20 years in property investment
  • How to make up to 5x more profit than an average rental income
  • A guide to finding the right property that forms part of your successful portfolio
  • How to create a regular income whilst providing a service that helps others

To find out how you can maximize your ROI on property investments, why not join us on our monthly workshops or webinars? Register by emailing or calling us today on 01903 898135.

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Setting up a Boutique Nursing Home

Ageing 'baby boomers' are on the rise. So, with our population ageing at an increasing rate, this is a perfect time to set up a small boutique care home.

According to Megan Dunsby (an editor for Start-Ups magazine), boutique care homes can provide a more attractive alternative to the rather characterless and ‘beige’ quarters often experienced by boomers’ parents. They can also offer more personalised, stylish, and intimate accommodation to this ageing generation. Baby boomers are now reaching a pensionable age, and smaller homes often seem more attractive and more intimate to them because they usually offer better food choices and their 'home-from-home' atmospheres often make them much more appealing than larger homes. Christine Blackledge recently said,

"I started a small residential home in Nottingham in 1994 and became registered back then with the local council. My home was always full, as a matter of fact, the care home was full the first day it opened. I then progressed and opened another small care home, for many years it was always full. I was able to offer a family environment, residents and their families were always welcomed. We had an open door policy, staff did not feel overworked or stressed at all. The residents always had a choice of food to eat and we were able to meet the needs of all residents. Families did not feel guilty at all, due to the homely feel. I always chose houses that had a three bedroom, and a dining room.

Over the years this became very well-regulated, and now you are required to register with the Care Quality Commission (which regulates the care and premises). It is also advisable to get accreditation with the social services and your local authority as a proportion of your business will come via this channel. Funding can be from private individuals or via social services to help pay the fees for services user’s at your home".

Boutique care home business opportunities

We are able to offer the same service to you in the form of a series of videos; showing you how to source a small care home for 3 – 6 residents. It is up to you to decide on the specialisms to meet service user’s needs (for example, the elderly aged over 65, mental health, substance misuse). For just £999.00 you will get 6 DVD’s, manual with step by step instructions. Furthermore 30 days support online.

Subjects covered:

  • Care Quality Commission requirements
  • Finding the right property
  • Rent, lease or buy property
  • How to decorate and furnish your care home
  • Funding your care home
  • Social Services clients
  • How to find residents to suit your care home
  • Food hygiene
  • Getting staff
  • DBS Criminal Records Check
  • Staff training
  • Aims and objectives
  • How to advertise your home

Inc. 16 hours of instructional videos

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How to turn your investment properties into care homes

How to turn your investment properties into care homes (& make up to five times more profit on rental income)

Attend our Care Property Business Summit One-Day Event

Anyone can call themselves an expert, but what is actually different about us? Well, we have established and then managed care homes, supported living and children’s homes. Are you a property investor? Are you looking to branch into the property market? We regularly read in the news how landlords are being affected by HMO’s and tax implications. Are you a property investor, looking for additional options, beside HMOs? Are you concerned, about HMO licencing? If so keep, read on...

At the one-day care-property business summit event, I will show you a proven formula; one which I have used successfully in the past. I've had care business properties going back to 1994. I have also done HMO’s as a private landlord. So I will show you how to make as much as five times more profit than is likely with an average rental income. You can learn how to create a regular and easy income for yourself, and all whilst helping other people

Who is this course for?

  • Property developers
  • Property entrepreneurs
  • HMO property investors

What subjects are covered?

  1. Learn how you can have competent staff to manage your care home
  2. Learn how you can have competent staff to manage your care home
  3. Learn how to build a cash flow, to protect you from any change or charges in the property market
  4. Discover how you can get five times more from your property in net profit than HMO renting
  5. Discover the Care Quality Commission's requirements
  6. learn hwo to find the right property
  7. learn how to rent, lease or buy property
  8. Learn how to decorate and furnish your care home
  9. Learn how to fund your care home
  10. Learn all about social-services clients
  11. Learn how to find resident to suit your care home
  12. Learn all about food hygiene
  13. Learn hwo to source staff
  14. Understand the DBS Criminal Records Check
  15. Learn all about staff training
  16. Set up your aims and objectives
  17. See how to advertise your home
  18. How does rental income work
  19. Introduction into the Matriarch Training & Consultancy Services Care Business Systems Training Programme

Don't forget, you will receive a fantastic free gift on How to Start a Care Home at the event! Other products and the book are also available on the day - signed by me Christine Blackledge, Supply Chain Expert & Business Development Consultant.

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Your transformation begins right here

Our ultimate goal is to help nursing agency startup organisations and care businesses to understand the aims and objectives of starting up, and to complete this vision by 2025.